Home Math Academy

The market is flooded with instructional videos for various math curriculums, but that doesn't help the student who still has questions after replaying the video numerous times. Home Math Academy gives the student an opportunity to ask those questions. Through personal online tutoring with the instructor, each student will be able to get the attention needed to succeed in math.

Contact homemathacademy@windstream.net for a link to a demo video.

A.Sinteff (Georgia)

"I highly recommend Mrs. Zwemke as a math tutor to any student who wishes to better understand math. I studied Algebra 1,2 and advanced mathematics with Mrs. Zwemke using the Saxon curriculum. I will freely admit that I am by no means a gifted math student. In other words, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer! I can also freely say that I would not have been able to graduate high school or get into college with out Mrs. Zwemke's outstanding math teaching abilities. In my 2nd semester in college I took a 3 hour business math course. This course had an extensive algebra section. After my 3rd test on the algebra section of this math class my professor told me. " I don't know who taught you your algebra skills but you need to go and thank them." That single statement in and of itself should tell you everything you need to know about Mrs. Zwemke's math teaching abilities. I have personally recommended her to several people over the years. If you wish to perform better in mathematics please give Mrs. Zwemke a call. You will not be disappointed!!"

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