Home Math Academy is a FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS created by the Zwemke family who homeschool their five daughters in North Georgia.


Cathlyn Zwemke (Mrs. Z) has been teaching math courses and tutoring students from her home for over 14 years. Throughout the years the Zwemkes have seen a growing need for an interactive teaching tool that not only helps students, but supports parents in the challenging discipline of mathematics. They hold to the belief that math is best taught as a dialogue, where student and instructor can work together to find the right way to communicate the material for each individual.


Mrs. Z believes that math is important to all students regardless of their future career goals because it teaches important thinking and problem solving processes, but it also teaches important character traits such as discipline and careful attention to details. These traits carry over into all areas of a student's life and can make a significant difference in their success in collegiate studies and beyond.


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