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Amos (Georgia)

"After just a few math sessions with Mrs. Zwemke, my daughter Allison, 'turned the corner' and headed down the street of 'Math Success'. Math is not her favorite subject, but Cathlyn presented it in such a way as to make it understandable for Allison. Thank you Cathlyn!"

A.Sinteff (Georgia)

"I highly recommend Mrs. Zwemke as a math tutor to any student who wishes to better understand math. I studied Algebra 1,2 and advanced mathematics with Mrs. Zwemke using the Saxon curriculum. I will freely admit that I am by no means a gifted math student. In other words, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer! I can also freely say that I would not have been able to graduate high school or get into college with out Mrs. Zwemke's outstanding math teaching abilities. In my 2nd semester in college I took a 3 hour business math course. This course had an extensive algebra section. After my 3rd test on the algebra section of this math class my professor told me. " I don't know who taught you your algebra skills but you need to go and thank them." That single statement in and of itself should tell you everything you need to know about Mrs. Zwemke's math teaching abilities. I have personally recommended her to several people over the years. If you wish to perform better in mathematics please give Mrs. Zwemke a call. You will not be disappointed!!"

T.Lamb (Georgia)

We LOVE Cathlyn!!!! Before my daughter started working with her she hated math! She struggled and shed many a tear, as did I ! Now Alison has a solid B average and LOVES math! Cathlyn has a special way of explaining concepts and is amazingly patient! In addition to helping turn around Alison.s math attitude, Cathlyn has encouraged and prayed for Alison and our family. I could just go on and on about how much she means to our family! We won't be going anywhere else for Alg. 2!

R. Moffett (Georgia)

Our daughters self confidence has also improved. Moving her from a low B/C student to an A student.


C. Schlehr (Georgia)

Our two 10th graders have used the program this year and have raised their letter grades a while letter each. They said the lessons are so simply explained, combined with Cathlyn's simple approach to work through where ever they have struggled that their confidence has truly soared - and that's means alot! Our family can't say enough positive statements about Home Math Academy!


Tidwell (Georgia)

Math Academy has been the tool that turned on the Math Lightbulb for our daughter! You can only imagine her reaction when we said you need to do Math over the summer - Yet Cathlyn not only made it enjoyable for our daughter she actually began to look forward to it and then the most amazing thing she actually began doing Math and understanding Math! We are thrilled to be connected with Home Math Academy and Cathlyn!


Shelp (Georgia)

I highly recommend Cathlyn Zwemke as a math teacher. She tutored my daughter who is now 9, and has down syndrome, for 2 years. We immediately saw an increase in her capacity for not only math, but in other areas as well. Cathlyn also assisted me in finding new ways for me to help my daughter learn; she was able to think "outside the box" to adapt to my daughter's unique learning style. I truly believe that she has been a gift sent to us. I don't know where we would be today if their family had never been introduced into our lives.


K.Shepard (Georgia)

Kasey has learned more so far this year in Algebra than she has with any other program. Thank you for your hard work. "


M. Sinteff (Georgia)

Adam Sinteff, Ryan Sinteff and Matthew Sinteff all took Math from Cathlyn; our boys love her as well as Cathlyn's teaching style. These guys were all very different in their approach to learning. If Mrs. Zwemke can prepare these young men for their SAT, she can prepare anyone. Thanks Cathlyn and Ryan!!!



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