Daily Lessons with the Online Video Academy

Everyday students login to the secure Home Math Academy site and watch the instructional video for the math lesson in their textbook. Students are encouraged to complete one math lesson per school day. Each lesson is taught by a GA certified math teacher who brings years of experience and a love for students into all methodologies and instructional techniques.


To view the Instructional Videos, you wil need


Personalized Tutoring

If the student is feeling the need for some extra instructional time to understand the material, or to go over a test, he can schedule an on-line tutoring session with his instructor. Online tutoring sessions run for one hour and can be purchased separately or in discount packages. See the Order page for more details.


Home Math Academy uses Join.Me - an instant and simple screen sharing tool that allows teacher and student to see each other's computer screen so that comunication flows seamlesly. Join.Me allows participants to call into an audio conference via traditional phone as well as the internet. With unified audio, all participants join the same conference regardless of how they join: internet, phone, or mobile app. A confirmation email with further instructions will be sent to you once you have purchased your session.



All of the tests for each course come with the homeschool curriculum package. When the student comes to a testing day, he will obtain the appropriate test from his parents. When he has completed the test, he can either scan and email the test (and any scrap work) to Home Math Academy, or he can snail mail the test and scrap work to our address. The instructor will then grade the test, scan it, and email it back to the student.


Grades and Transcripts

Home Math Academy will provide a test grade average to be used as either the entire course grade, or to be combined with at-home-tracking of homework material for a final grade. Transcripts for homeschool families are the responsibility of the individual families, but Home Math Academy will offer a write-up of the course description, and the test average for the student. We recommend using a 70% test and 30% homework combination for the transcript grade. (Families are responsible for keeping track of the student’s homework grades.)





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